Our Planet Friendly Packaging

to show the sustainability of products

Outer Box

  • Kraft card
  • Made from minimum 95% Recycled Materials
  • Recyclable
  • No glue

Inner Bag

  • May look like plastic but this bag is actually made out of Wood Pulp from responsible sources and 100% Plastic Free.
  •  Home Compostable (See below about ‘Bio Plastics’) and GM Free.

EcoTeaTent Tea bags

100% Plastic Free and Home Compostable!

Some ‘Biodegradeable‘ Tea Bags, and Bio plastics, will only degrade with higher temperatures. So this means they will not degrade with your general household waste. Home Compostable not only means you can add it to your own compost but it Will degrade in a landfill.

The EcoTeaTent‘s design enables the Tea to dance around bringing a festival of flavour to your cup!

Contains more tea and more flavour!


  • Made from 100% Recyclable materials
  • Fully Recyclable


  • We use refillable ink so we don’t have to replace the cartridges and all the plastic packaging that comes with them.