Frequently Asked Questions

No way jose. We only use Natural ingredients in all of our products. Not only that, we only use Whole Flowers and Leaves to add the best of the Herb and provide great Flavour.

All of our packaging is Fully Recyclable and we have worked extremely hard to eradicate plastic from all of our Planet Friendly Packaging.  We can say we are 99.9% Plastic Free. The only thing that has a very small amount of plastic is in the glue on the labels. Our EcoTeaTent Tea Bags are Plastic Free and so are the clear Inner Bags ( Made from Wood Pulp! ), which are both Home Compostable.

DD5 Postcode – Free Delivery ( Cash or Card on delivery, or Bank Transfer beforehand).

1 Box of Tea – 3.25

2 Boxes of Tea – 3.25

3 Boxes upwards – 4.25

Taster Menu – Free p&p

Gunpowder Green Tea Leaves are tightly rolled and haven’t been oxidised like Black Tea. Originating from the Zhejiang province in China,. it is one of the top leaf grade of all Green Teas. It is higher in caffeine than most Green Teas (commonly used by Athletes btw), and stays fresher for longer due to its compressed form. The name could come from the appearance of the tightly rolled leaves or the Mandarin Chinese term for freshly brewed, which is ‰’Gang Pao De. Either way it is a great tea to drink.

The Post Office makes the dimensions for this price bracket and unfortunately they are both in that bracket.

Our Taster Box is ‘Letter Box Friendly’, so is not considered a parcel but a large letter.

Really really delicious!

It’s up to you obviously, but we only use Whole Flowers and Leaves and do not add any artificial flavours. Many Teas that you can buy from the supermarkets are powdered and / or steamed in processing in a factory.This loses some of the nutrients and flavour.

Our Tea is especially blended by us in our workshop in Broughty Ferry in small batches to keep the Tea fresh and not a conveyor belt or factory in sight. We also support Charities local and national with a proportion of our sales.

Our Gin and Tonic Green & White Tea sometimes causes confusion with the addition of ‘White Tea’. This is actually the very tip of the Camellia Sinensis Plant that produces the leaves to make ‘Tea’. It is a very young shoot that has a white fuzzy appearence, hence the term ‘White’ Tea. It is the tip top cream of the crop and is of the highest value.